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“Education is the most powerfull weapon which you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela

Who We Are

Welcome to the Inspire Business Academy !

IBA is a Private higher education institute that offers professional educational programs partnering with prestigious institutes and universities in Sri lanka which are both recognized and  highly sought after by employers world wide. we offer range of subjects including Marketing ,Business Management, Accounting & Finance ,Computer Science ,Psychology ,Insurance and Credit Management From certificate Level to Post Graduate Level.  It’s both an exciting and challenging time as well as continues this educational journey in Polonnaruwa, because of we have to motivate our students to plan their higher education dreams  . IBA provides professional Education programs, starting from Polonnaruwa covering Anuradhapura, Dambulla, Kantale, Welikanda and Dehiattakandiya areas. Our main aim to provide quality education experience along with skills development which they can utilize any practical situation they face in their life. IBA started out under one passionate director who having experienced university education in Sri Lanka, aimed to create an institute that would facilitate incoming students and assist them in navigating the ever-changing corridors of higher education in Sri lanka.

However within a very few years, we have inspired our community to plan their future with our well recognized education programs. The main success of the company was the great partnership we have with our partner institutes and service providers.It also helped us to offer the best programs along with locally and internationally recognized certificate which students can use practically in their professional life. We always believe that a good learning experience definitely builds the confidence of students and that is the first step of their professional career. We want our students, parents, staff and visitors to feel welcome and as though they have always belonged on our academy.
We look forward to welcoming you to Inspire Business Academy.

Company Vision
“To be the most inspiring education institute in Sri Lanka that creates  skillful leaders
to the nation”

Company Mission
Above vision is to be achieved through providing excellent know how to obtain the academic
success as well as develop the skills to meet future challenges.

  1. Provide facilities to students and staff to develop skills relevant to the newest
  2. Provide ability to get exposure with business leaders and their experience sharing

Our Values
                 I – Innovation
                 N – Nurturing for better life
                 S – Service Quality
                 P – Professionalism
                 I – Integrity
                 R – Respect
                 E – Excellence

WE are here to INSPIRE YOU

We have become stronger than before. We have set a stronger foundation in the business. The relationship with our students always motivate us to do more.
Yes, we are here to inspire you to live life with awesomeness. We believe, you need to focus more on your opportunities than what worries you. Instead of worrying about what you missed in life, we INSPIRE you to achieve more with us. To see the possibilities and to feel more of that abundance around you, instead of the limitations. To start living your dream life today, instead of waiting for something to happen in the distant future .
For us, INSPIRE BUSINESS ACADEMY; nothing is more inspiring than “Learning” from the knowledge space of education, and from real people who manifest their dreams.
We give you courage to dream more. Pursue your dreams. Achieve your goals and aspirations in life. . .

We are , Inspire Business Academy

Meet Our Team

Management Team
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